Birch birdies

I do pretty.

This is just who I am.  I love to look at pretty, wear pretty, and make pretty.

This week I went out to my friend’s acreage and pillaged her trees for twigs and bark. I have been seeing little birdies made out of lots of different materials, and though I would try making some myself. I am currently in love with different shades of blush/coppery pinks and greys. I love the look of birch bark, and since the bark peels of easily, it was the perfect material. Especially the copper birch trees we have here in the area. The bark is a lovely combination of copper and grey.

The materials you will need for this project are:

1 1/2″ – 2″ styrofoam balls


birch bark


glue gun


Start by cutting the bottom 1/4 of the ball off.

Cut that piece in half again, and glue together to form the head. Trim off about 1/3 of it to make the right shape. Glue this to the main body.

Stick the twigs in the back of the main body…its bum as my little niece told me with a giggle! Put glue around the twigs to make sure they stay in place.

Use two small twig pieces to form the beak. A little dab of glue helps to hold them in place

Next is the time consuming part…wrapping the body with the bark. I found it worked best to do a couple of pieces that wrapped from side to side and then fill in the rest with small pieces.

Try to use only a tiny amount of glue on each piece. Once you are just about finished, add a couple feathers for the wings. Cover the ends of the feathers with another piece of bark. Now repeat and make your little birdie some friends!



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