How time flies.

It’s a commonly used saying, but this week in redoing my website I have had a chance to look back at all I have done with my designing, and was reminded anew at how true that saying really is.

From remembering my first brides, to finding pictures of pieces that I have done for friends that had a direct impact on me falling into what become the Serendipity line, all the while still sewing furiously to get the brand new collection into the new store.

God is so good.

In all this nostalgia, I am stunned by the journey God has taken me on. I can honestly say that I never thought my life would look like this. The way that I had envisioned my life would have me the mother of 3, maybe expecting a 4th. I would still be sewing wedding dresses on the side and making adorable clothes for my children. The way God saw my life was very different, and it is exciting to look back and see how one moment to surrender to God’s dream for my life changed the path that I am walking and how daily I am led in the right direction, even when I can’t see what’s around the next bend, or the next step.

White wedding

Thank you.

Another thing I am struck by is how blessed I am to have my family and friends support me. I have wonderful parents who have supported me in following my dreams, sisters and friends who put up with my late night fittings, and a brother who helps keep me inspired. I am so excited that we now have the store up and running so that I can meet more of my clients face to face.

If you are new to the website, welcome! And thanks for reading my musings.


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