Rainy London Wedding

Drip. Drop. Drip. Drop.

I love the sound of rain. I love the smell of rain, and seeing as that is what I am looking at out my window, I decided to put together a mood board inspired by a rainy day in London. A little bit grey, a little bit aqua, and a whole lot of romance.

Now most brides won’t hope for rain on their wedding day, but you have to plan for weather if you are looking to have your wedding outside. One bridal party I worked with a few years ago ended up with drizzling, damp weather for their outside photos. But the big black umbrellas really add something special to the photos! So if you are planning on getting married this summer, and the weather forecast doesn’t promise sun, don’t worry! You could buy umbrellas that match your colour scheme, or customize umbrellas with your monogram (Here is a company in Vancouver that does this!). You could even DIY your own pre purchased umbrellas.

So don’t let the rain get you down! Embrace it and make it a part of the wedding.

Rainy day wedding



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  1. I was just reading a thread on Hitched this week, about a bride who was fretting about the wet weather forecast for this weekend – and you have captured what I was trying to explain beautifully in the pictures above. I think that the rain can make for some stunning pictures and can even add a touch of quirky fun!!!

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