Tara – a ballet inspired dress

I have always loved ballet, but I have been crushing lately on Dance Academy (thank you Netflix) which is an Australian tv show about students at the National Dance Academy. The lead character’s name is Tara, which got me thinking about a bride I worked with in 2006 named Tara. She was also a dancer, and wanted her bodice to reflect a dance leotard. I used dupioni silk, with an overskirt of silk chiffon.

The colours of the wedding were earth tones. Tara had bought 5 or 6 different green coloured fabrics and then she mixed and matched them by giving each bridesmaid a combination of the fabrics and told them to have them made into whatever style they liked. I made two of the dresses, for Ladonna (a previous bride of mine!) and Kristy Anne (a wonderful friend, who also happens to be an amazing photographer, who also took most of the photographs below). We incorporated the earth tones into Tara’s wedding dress by using a beautiful golden brown?silk sash which trailed down the back of her dress.



Tara The Girls

Ladonna and Kristy AnneTara Tara Tara Tara Tara???Tara

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