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An ultimate guide to using bleach on baby clothes safely!

An ultimate guide to using bleach on baby clothes safely!

Babies are highly sensitive, and you need to take proper care of them to keep them away from all the infections and germs. Their skin is immensely sensitive, and any mistake can cause some infections and rashes on them.

Babies usually spill liquids and food on their clothes, which makes it highly important to clean their clothes properly.

Most of the parents think of using bleach on their baby’s clothes but are quite skeptical that if bleach is safe for baby clothes. It is safe to use if you do it the right way and there are some tips that can help you to clean the clothes properly using the bleach.

Most useful tips for cleaning the clothes of your toddler using bleach

Type of fabric

You must check the type of fabric of the clothing you are washing as there is some particular type of fabric that gets damages when bleach is used on them.

You must check the type of fabric of the clothes of your baby before using bleach to wash them. Bleach baby clothes are different, and all kinds of fabrics are not bleachable. Some of the most popular bleachable fabrics are acrylic, polyester, cotton, etc.

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Amount of bleach

It is highly necessary to use the right amount of bleach on the clothes as using any extra amount of bleach less amount both are harmful.

You must use a calculated amount of bleach so that the fabric doesn’t get damaged, and it can be adequately cleaned.

Consider the quality of water

Water quality is also essential to consider while bleaching the clothes of the baby. If the water you are using in washing the clothes is hard, then you will have to make it go through a filtration system so that it becomes suitable for bleaching the clothes of your baby. You also must choose safe bleach for babies.


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